Sunday, 24 July 2016


THE two sites most favoured by North East Lincolnshire Council for development as potential permanent Gypsy/ Traveller sites can be revealed.

They are plots of land: 

  • On Hewitt’s Avenue, Cleethorpes
  • At Grimsby’s former Western School

The first of these is being looked on particularly favourably - it is on a main road, and it is close to a supermarket, Tesco, which sells food and other goods across a wide spectrum.

Other advantages are its proximity both to a soft fruit farm and to the Altyre Way motor dealership complex should Gypsies/ Travellers wish to trade up to newer vehicles.

The following  three sites are also possibilities:

* Lindsey Lower School playing field
* Bradley Hollow
* Quantock Road amenity space

The following other Grimsby/ Immingham locations are on the list but regarded as outsiders for flood risk or other reasons:

* Cromwell Road
* Nelson Way
* Freshney Parkway
* Birchin way
* Convamore Road
* Prince Albert Gardens
* Kingston Gardens
* Manby Road
* Spring Street playing fields
* Ings Lane

The proposals are being put out to consultation before any decision is made.

Says council official Jacqui Wells: “The local authority has a duty to look after the welfare of Gyspies and Travellers who arrive in the area.

“They must be offered housing, social service support, schooling and medical support while they are resident in the borough.

“Once notification is received of an encampment, joint visits are carried out with the police to conduct welfare checks.

“If the site is owned by the council, officers will serve Travellers a Notification of Direction, requesting that the site is vacated.

“Travellers are also provided with a Code of Conduct.”

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