Tuesday, 21 February 2017


PEAKS Parkway remains the preferred site for a new home for Grimsby Town FC.

This is the advice that will be given to a special meeting of   North East Lincolnshire Council's cabinet on February 28.

On a planning points basis, it scored less well than two other locations - one on dockside and the other at Europarc - but these proved to be unavailable.

The full list of sites considered (in order of suitability) is below


1 Dockside

2 Europarc     
3 Peaks Parkway    
4 Morrisons Dual By-Pass   
5 Great Coates                                             

6 King George V Athletic Stadium           

7 Pleasure Island                                         

8 Millenium Park, Macaulay Lane             

9 Ladysmith Road                                        

10 B & Q on A16                                          

11 Western Tech School                              

12 Bradley Road                                        

13 Fish Docks                                             

14 Blundell Park                                          

15 Freeman Street                                     

16 Tioxide Site                                             

17 Grimsby Golf Centre

The cabinet meeting, which is open to the public, will be held at Grimsby Town Hall at 3.30pm on February 28.

The report to members states:

"The development of a Community Stadium in North East Lincolnshire will contribute to both building a stronger economy and stronger communities.

 "A Community Stadium will include the creation of new facilities for community use together with enabling development. 

"A legacy of community benefit will be created, along with public health benefits and  construction employment and training opportunities. 

"The development of a Community Stadium will contribute to a stronger economy by improving skills and employability, offering local employment, contributing to sustainable built and natural environments and supporting businesses and innovation within the Borough. 

"This stronger economy will benefit the residents, businesses and visitors to the borough. 

"The development of a Community Stadium will contribute to stronger communities by promoting independence through employment, health, sport and participation opportunities - in other words by better enabling our citizens to be more active and to lead healthier lives. 

"The development of a Community Stadium will also contribute to stronger communities by encouraging sustainable housing developments in line with the Council’s submitted draft Local Plan together with all the benefits that will bring. 

"The development of a Community Stadium, together with enabling development including housing across the borough, contributes to a lasting legacy of community benefit within North East Lincolnshire. "

The report continues: "The do-nothing option would not enable the project to advance and the potential benefits highlighted would not be able to be gained. 

"The positive partnership working built up between the Council, GTFC, the Mariners Trust and the prospective developers, EXTREME, would be jeopardised. 

"The delivery of both a Community Stadium and enabling development expected to comprise of a mixture of housing developments would be foregone."

 It adds: "There are potential positive and negative reputational implications for the Council resulting from this decision. 

The Council’s communications service will be engaged throughout to ensure that all statutory consultation requirements are met and that all parties’ communications remain as aligned as possible and that all sectors of the community and stakeholders are reached to the greatest extent possible."

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