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 HUNDREDS of new homes are in prospect  for the heart of Cleethorpes.

The site of the Thrunscoe adult education centre, off Highgate, has been earmarked for redevelopment - possibly as soon as next year.

It emerged this week that the council is poised to relocate all its community learning  services to premises at 146 Freeman Street , Grimsby, as part of ongoing regeneration initiatives for the East Marsh ward.

Once the Thrunscoe buildings have been vacated, they will  either be converted or, more likely, demolished so that the site can be redeveloped.

With its proximity both the shops in  St Peter's Avenue and Sea View Street, this is a prime  location in
Cleethorpes' Croft Baker ward.

It is likely to appeal both to high-reputation local housebuilders such as Cyden Homes, Carr & Carr, Keigar Homes or Snape Properties which, two years ago, completed the attractive Pine Walk residential development on an adjacent plot which had previously been occupied by a nursery school with an extensive garden.

It could also appeal to deep-pocketed national companies such as Barratt plc, Bovis plc Persimmon plc and Linden Homes, part of Galliford-Try plc.

It is also possible that, rather than selling the site, the council might  opt  for retention and redeveloping the land under its own steam, with low-cost or rent-only houses.

Earlier this year it set up its own subsidiary, Develop NEL, with just this sort of scheme  in mind.

Any development scheme is likely to cause disruption during construction works to residents both in the Highgate area and in  the streets, such as Lindsey Road and Parker Street,  at the back of the education centre.

There will also be inconvenience to staff and students working at Thrunscoe. They now face relocation.

A spokesperson for NELC said: "Relocation from   Thrunscoe  will  generate  a  potential  benefit  for  the council.

"If  the  site  is  disposed  of  this  it will generate  a   receipt  which  will allow other capital  works  to  be  undertaken."

The project is being overseen by NELC's capital and assets programme  manager, Wendy Fisher, and David Brierley who is development and regeneration technical advisor to NELC's private-sector partner, Engie.

Some parts of the site are attractive and worth retaining - just look at those magnificent windows

An imaginative architectural  firm such as Cleethorpes-based Mark Hodson could probably come up with an attractively-landscaped scheme that would retain the more pleasing aspects of the site
The rear of the building which had to be secured with palisade fencing 11 years ago after it became a gathering point for vandals. One of the back rooms is used as a polling station for the Croft Baker ward. The extent of weed growth is a reflection of council spending cuts on ground maintenance.
When Snape Properties redeveloped the neighbouring plot, the new homes sold quickly
Popular estate - Pine Walk, off Highgate

Another part of the Pine Walk development
The former Thrunscoe nursery which was cleared to make way for the Pine Walk scheme
The leafy grounds of the former  nursery

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