Wednesday, 16 March 2016


HOW much longer must Grimsby wait until the proposed cinema is built at Freshney Place?

The question was put at a NELC scrutiny panel meeting by chairman Coun Ian Shepherd who expressed frustration that longstanding plans to revitalise Top Town with entertainnment facilities have so far failed to bear fruit.

"This part of Grimsby is deserted after 6pm,"complained Coun Shepherd who felt the town had been better off when the vacant space outside the shopping centre served as a bus station.

He demanded "Will I be an old man wating to see Star Wars12 before the cinema is built?"

Regeneration officer Damien Jaines-White said securing the development was proving complicated, but it had reached the pre-application design stage.

"A few commercial aspects need to be finalised, but the owners of Freshney Place are very keen,"he explained."They are committed to the project.

"I share your impatience. There are a few hurdles still to be cleared, but I am confident this development will happen."

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